What is FlexBond?

FlexBond is a specially formulated sealant brand created by Flexicore Construction Philippines Inc. to ensure more efficient waterproofing and quality seal in construction works. Flexicore only uses high-quality sealant in their construction projects to provide the best outcomes. Since sealant are used in sealing gaps to prevent the spread of water, fumes, fire, gas, and toxic chemicals, sealants are very useful in preventing accidents.

With ordinary sealants, the strength of the adhesive is not that strong which could result in easy removal. Once removed the gap could then allow the passing of fumes, water, and chemicals that could induce hazards and accidents within the building. That is why the use of highly reliable sealant is a must for contractors Philippines who are known for their dynamic services. Contractors who are dedicated to providing construction services that will satisfy their clients only use materials and equipment that have passed the high standard of the construction industry.

FlexBond is being used in the Flexicore’s epoxy injection services which provide excellent protection to buildings or properties. By not using ordinary epoxy or sealant, FCSI stands firm on its high standard works and services. FlexBond is composed of chemicals used for special adhesives that adhere to safety and efficiency. Flexicore’s very own epoxy sealant is the only brand we use because we are confident that its composition and characteristics could provide lasting and quality results.

Flexicore Construction Services also supply FlexBond polyurethane sealant to those who are looking for quality and reliable epoxy sealant to use in their epoxy binder and pressure injection epoxy works. Trust FlexBond epoxy sealant brand of FCSI and you’ll definitely be on the right track of sealing important gaps and holes and could provide safety and peace of mind to you and your clients. Visit FlexBond site now and learn more!


  • Flexicore Construction Services has a lot more to offer! This sealant is interesting!

  • I’m really impressed with your Flexibond Sealant! It’s more affordable and reliable than other sealants that we’ve used before!


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