Heavy Equipment Rental

Heavy Equipment Rental For those who are looking for high-quality cranes, tractor heads, and dump trucks for rent, Flexicore has these heavy equipment ready for use. These equipment are designed to aid construction needs, and we offer affordable and efficient rental service that is within your reach. Our available cranes, tractor heads, and dump trucks for rent are all in good condition and very useful to provide high productivity and optimum efficiency. ServicesDemolition Controlled Demolition Drilling Works Coring Works Hauling and Excavation Retrofitting and Steel Works IF and Civil Works Sealant Work Flexbonds


Demolition thru chipping and jack hammering of reinforced concrete.

Controlled Demolition

Controlled demolition thru diamond wire sawing, wall and floor sawing method.

Drilling Works

Diamond Core Drilling – coring of walls, ceilings and floors.

Concrete Drilling – holes for rebar dowels and anchor bolt installation.

Coring Works

Core Drilling (Coring Works) is dust-free, quiet and capable of cutting through steel reinforcing rods with little difficulty. Unlike rotary percussion tools, there is no vibration when core drilling and consequently, no structural damage because reinforcing rods are not loosened.

Hauling and Excavation

Hauling and Excavation Services – Trucking for construction debris and site development.

Excavation – Using of excavator (Backhoe) and breaking of concrete and rocks.

Retrofitting / Steel Works

Flexicore Retrofit works will improve your existing building stack, creating new opportunities for the construction industry, and benefits to property owners, based on the delivery of high quality retrofit and steel works services.

IF & Civil Works

Flexicore Construction Services, Inc. provides a complete line of commercial maintenance and construction services.

Sealant Works

Sealant is a one-part,neutral-curing silicone exhibiting superior performance in applications where sealing openings in walls and floors are needed to control the spread of fire, smoke, toxic gasses, and water during fire conditions.