Importance of Rebar Scanning

Rebar scanning is very important to determine the position of the steel reinforcement and other disturbances that might occur during the coring, boring or drilling process. Therefore, rebar or concrete scanning should be done first to make sure that the result will be effective and the construction project will be finished without issues and delay. If you’re looking for a rebar scanning contractor, you should first understand the importance of rebar scanning in the processes related to your construction project.

Coring and drilling are parts of construction projects but it is important to locate first the structural steel reinforcement through rebar scanning. This could be done by an effective and accurate rebar scanning solution. Skipping the rebar scanning could lead to damages, delay of works, and instability of the structure. With such negative outcomes, lives and finances could be at risk and it could result in disappointed clients and even business and financial problems.

Flexicore is a specialist in coring and drilling so rebar or concrete scanning is among our expertise. We only use dynamic and revolutionary concrete scanning equipment to provide accurate results. With accurate results, we could easily identify the steel reinforcement to target or avoid them depending on the goal of a particular construction process.

Aside from our accurate and dynamic concrete scanning services, Flexicore Construction Services also offer coring, drilling, retrofitting, controlled demolition, bored piling, and other relevant construction services. With over a decade of experience in the industry, we have mastered the ways of providing our clients with excellent services. You can check the projects page of our website for the list of our accomplished projects. We also have heavy equipment rental services under FlexiTruck Rental Services.

If you’re interested in our contractors’ services, you can simply contact us and we are here to assist you and provide you with free estimates.

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