Personal Protective Equipment in Construction

Reputable construction companies make sure that their workers are safe while working with their projects so the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in construction is mandatory. Failure to use the appropriate and high-quality PPEs could lead to accidents and injury to the workers. Accidents could negatively impact the reputation of the company and could also be life-threatening to the part of the construction workers. Therefore, it is important for the management to regularly monitor the workplace to make sure that the workers are not forgetting to wear their Personal Protective Equipment properly.

The usual personal protective equipment that are being worn in construction sites are hardhat, gloves, safety glasses, earplug, safety vests, masks, and face shield if needed. They should use the PPEs needed in the tasks where they are assigned in. For example, if they are using paint or other chemicals, they should wear a mask. If they are working in a noisy environment, wearing an earplug or earmuff could protect their ears. If they are in sites with possible falling debris or lofty places, they are required to use safety vest, harness and hard hat. Workers are also required to wear comfortable uniforms such as sweat pants, t-shirts, tank top shirts, and sneakers or sandals. The workers should be comfortable with their uniform and the PPEs that they wear to enable them to work efficiently and effectively in the work sites.

At Flexicore Construction Services, we ensure that our people are using the appropriate PPE for their assigned tasks. The safety of our workers is very important for us so we make sure that everyone has access to high quality personal protective equipment. FCSI offers a variety of construction services such as traditional demolition, controlled demolition, carbon-fiber wrapping retrofitting, hauling, coring, drilling, sealant works, and more. Contact us now for a free estimate of your project.


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