Prepare for the Big One

The PHIVOLCS estimated the West Valley Fault with around 80 miles length could soon move due to its historic activities and characteristics. Such movement is estimated to result in more than 7.2 magnitude earthquake which could lead to a tsunami, landslides, ruined structures and buildings, and thousands of casualties. We call it the ‘Big One’ because of the enormous damages that it could bring.

The recent consecutive earthquakes in Mindanao brought fear to us here in Luzon because of the anticipation that the Big One will soon happen. We really don’t know the exact date or time that an earthquake will happen, nor the scientists. All we have is to equip ourselves with preparation strategies that will enable us to survive strong earthquakes and other natural calamities.

Among the things that we should ensure is the strength of our houses, buildings, and infrastructures. They should have the qualities that will enable them to last long and solid despite the strong shake of the ground, the blow of strong winds, the fall of heavy rain, and the tremendous heat of the sun. This all starts during the construction process. We advise that you only entrust your construction projects to skilled contractors who have adequate knowledge in ensuring that your property will be built using high-quality materials and processes.

Flexicore also offers retrofitting processes to strengthen the steel reinforcement of properties and infrastructure. With retrofitting, your buildings or houses could become stronger and that could help them last strong earthquakes and other natural calamities.

In preparing for the Big One, it is important for us to be always updated with the recent news from the Philippine natural disaster institutions. The government has prepared evacuation and survival strategies in order to minimize casualties and damages during devastating calamities. With the participation of the people, united spirit, and faith, we can survive any calamities that could come to our country.

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