How to Secure your Property during Rainy Days

Now that the summer is over, we are facing the favorite months of rains and typhoons. There would be flooding and harsh winds when typhoons come so we better be ready and safe. The coming of such weather calamities is something that our weather agencies can predict but on how it could impact our properties is something that we should worry about.

Is your house can stand strong typhoons with all its winds and rains? Is your building equipped with necessary strength that could help it withstand heavy rains and very strong winds? Have you checked your property for certain damages that can become bigger with weather changes? Now it’s time to check about it. Secure your property for the coming or during the rainy days.

The first thing that you should do is to check your house or property from roof to the flooring. Check for any gutter clogs, roof holes, and wall cracks. Check your floor for any tile damage or cracks. Check your switches and lights if they are working fine to detect any electrical system problem. Once you have determined any problem, it’s time to act on it before heavy storms arrive. If you have the know-how in fixing property damages, then you can do it by yourself. Should you need to repaint your roof or should you need to add some cement on crack, or fix some tiles, then do it as soon as you can to prevent further damages.

On the other hand, you can get the services of contractors near you so you can hasten the results. If you have a building, retrofitting might be the best solution to strengthen your beams. Flexicore Construction Services Inc. is a contractor Manila that you can trust with different construction Philippines services such as retrofitting, demolition, civil works, excavator rental, crane rental, coring and drilling works, bored piling, fit-out, and more. Contact us now for a free estimate.


  • I’m bit worried with my roof. I hope it will stay strong until the next summer. Any suggestion what paint to use?

  • Flexicore Construction services is among the most trusted construction company in Manila. Your team is filled with expert people who knows what they are doing and how they can ensure the best results for every project.


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