Flexbonds (epoxy crack injection products) are specifically designed for machine application, 100% solids and contain no solvents or fillers. We make and stock the industry’s widest selection of concrete crack repair adhesives with specialized materials for architectural precast panels, underwater, low and high application temperatures, underwater concrete crack repair, high structure temperatures, chemical and radiation resistance, large voids, narrow cracks, plate bonding, wooden (laminated) beams, slab delaminations and structures subject to vibration during cure. For cracks where the backside cannot be sealed (including some floor slabs), we offer a special slump pumping (very fast-set) resin or alternative non-slumping structural paste adhesives.


Flexbond epoxy injection services for industrial clients to help them restore and protect their concrete structures. However, before epoxy injection can be applied to fix cracks, the source of the cracks must be identified. Otherwise, the issue will go untreated and will continue to cause more cracking in the future. Our expert technicians will analyze your structure to get to the root of the problem and will perform the necessary repairs. Then they will apply the epoxy injection to strengthen and restore your concrete.