IF and Civil Works

Flexicore Construction Services, Inc. provides a complete line of commercial maintenance and construction services.

We carry out forms of Civil Works such as Drilling and Cutting, Infastructures like bridges, railway tunnels, drilled tunnels.

Another Flexicore Construction’s field of activity is reconstruction and renovation of buildings. Impressive experiences in the field allow us to work even on the most complex objects that need reconstruction or renovation. Flexicore Construction also engages in modernising and re-planning buildings. Construction works for restoring the building’s former appearance, renewing the structure and improving other qualities of the building are performed. When performing restoration works, the building is treated as a whole. We start with the developing of the design and finish with handing the building over to the contracting authority.

Renovation works of buildings and facilities may require new planning, renewal of the building or its utility systems in order to improve their qualities, changes in interior finishing or exterior. Flexicore Construction helps you with all works related to renovation: development of the design, legal coordination and full execution.