Uses of Boom Trucks in Construction

Boom trucks are very useful in construction because of its variety of uses. This truck has an extended boom over its frame which could be used for cranes and man lift. Therefore, a boom truck is a convertible heavy equipment that could make many construction processes possible. With boom trucks, buildings, bridges, posts, and skyscraper were built. This particular heavy equipment is among the most in-demand equipment in the construction industry.

In many construction projects, there are processes that should be done at the higher spaces or grounds which require lifting of man, equipment, and materials. There are also processes that require transferring debris or equipment from one place to another. A boom truck has a flexible purpose in construction as it could serve as a crane, a manlift, and flatbed. A crane or hydraulic crane allows the workers to lift heavy materials from roof to floor and vice versa. A manlift carries the workers to higher areas to work or accomplish certain tasks or works. A flatbed allows space for items of materials to be transported from one area of the construction site to another.

With the versatile capability of boom trucks, contractors make sure that they have this particular heavy equipment available before starting any construction project. Either they purchase one or rent from reliable heavy equipment rentals. Here in Flexicore, we ensure complete solutions so boom trucks are available when we do certain projects like infrastructure and buildings. Our boom trucks are also available for rent through Flexitruck Heavy Equipment Rental.

Flexitruck has dynamic and reliable heavy equipment for rent such as boom trucks, cranes, dump trucks, excavator, and more. These heavy equipment are part of our comprehensive construction solutions so that we could achieve more goals and help others achieve theirs too. Contact us for the availability of these heavy machinery or equipment.



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