What is FlexiCarb?

FlexiCarb is a carbon fiber brand under the Flexicore’s umbrella. Carbon fiber is primarily used to strengthen concrete reinforcement in the retrofitting process. Contractors Philippines who are working for retrofitting project usually use carbon fiber in wrapping any reinforcement because of the following primary reasons. Carbon fiber is stronger than steel which makes it highly efficient in providing long-lasting results to any reinforcement. It is also less prone to corrosion which promotes sustainability and lower maintenance. Carbon fiber is also lightweight which makes it more convenient not just for the building owners and users, but also for the contractors who will install it in any part of the structure. Furthermore, it could be installed fast which makes any retrofitting project finish the soonest. Therefore, in retrofitting, Flexicore Construction Services offers carbon fiber wrapping for the best results that their clients might be needing.

Flexicore even developed their very own carbon fiber brand, FlexiCarb to instill quality not just in the installation process but also in the carbon fiber product that they use. We use it not just on our retrofitting projects but could also supply them to other contractors who are looking for the same materials. FlexiCarb is Flexicore’s very own carbon fiber that we use to ensure quality in all areas as we finish any retrofitting projects. Those who want to strengthen their structures and protect them from upcoming storms or earthquake, we highly suggest the retrofitting process with the use of Flexicarb to make your properties stronger and more efficient to use.

For more information our FCSI’ s Flexicarb, you can learn more by visiting this page. You can also contact us for more inquiries. You can also check FCSI’s various construction services such as coring, drilling, controlled demolition, retrofitting, bored piling, and heavy equipment rental.


  • Impressive! So you have your own brand or carbon-fiber, do you supply too?


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